Holly Lowery
Eating Disorder Recovery Coach & Anti-Diet Advocate


Holly Lowery is an eating disorder recovery coach who offers support and strategy around healing from disordered eating, body dissatisfaction and negative body image 

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I offer support, strategy and accountability for those ready to heal from body dissatisfaction, disordered eating and negative self image.


& this is what I know at my core:

  • Food, exercise and your physical body should not run your life

  • In order to create change you've first gotta get curious what's not working anymore, clear some space and set boundaries

  • Your body, heart, mind & soul are innately linked and all work really hard to keep you healthy (even if it doesn't always feel that way)

  • Tapping into your spirituality on the regular is a crucial component in the healing & recovery process

  • Trauma and limiting beliefs take root in the physical body, which can keep you feeling 'blocked.' But you do have the power to heal (& I've got some tools to help!)

  • Self care is the foundation from which healing & recovery is built, and it can (& should) be simple and sustainable

Here's the thing: You have some pretty rad sh*t to do in this life. I wanna help you heal so that you can actually do it.

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Take it from someone who has recovered from an eating disorder

I have my own messy history with disordered eating, chronic dieting & negative body image (which you can learn more about here, if you like), so I get it. Recovery and healing feels really effing hard sometimes. It's a messy, lengthy, non-linear process that can feel exhausting to navigate through alone. But you shouldn't (& don't) have to do it alone.

I've been you, which is why I now do this work. It wasn't until I realized how much time and energy I was wasting by trying to shrink myself down, monitor every morsel of food, or beat myself up about what I was eating, that it was time to prioritize my self & my recovery.

Through professional support, unconditional accountability & strategic self care, recovery from body dissatisfaction and disordered eating, is totally possible.


My creds:

  • I have a B.S. in Communications Studies, which taught me a whole lot about the power & beauty of thoughtful dialogue. It taught me that by simply choosing the right words & asking the right questions, we have the power to create major shifts in the mind, in our actions & our lives.

  • Shortly after, I received my coaching certificate from IIN, which taught me the Importance of tuning back into your body & tools for doing so, practical ways to manage your life & recovery so you can start doing the sh*t that matters most, and tactics for setting goals that are in alignment with your spirit.

  • And because I tend to crave a little more woo-woo in both my work and my life, I'm always studying & practicing new spiritual healing techniques like pranayama (breath work), tarot, crystals and journaling and simultaneously weaving them into my client work.

Other Things I'm into:

  • GOOD coffee, homemade herbal tea, kombucha, beer & other weird fermented drinks

  • My Bluetick Coonhound, Bailey (who occasionally makes an appearance on Instagram & in podcast eps)

  • Pulling out my tarot cards at any chance I get

  • Listening to copious amounts of podcasts

  • Eating & cooking weird foods (many of which I once demonized, but now love!)

  • Reading the latest in feminism, self-help, health & spirituality

  • Speaking & educating the kids around beauty, health and body image with Circles of Change

  • Minimalism & DIY interior design

  • Brewing beer, dancing & snuggling with my partner

psssst: all made possible by the fact that i've done the hard work of healing & recovery.

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